Hello to India! My ebooks are now available on Flipkart!

Smashwords now distributes my ebooks to India via FlipkartToday as I was checking the sales and downloads of my ebooks I remembered that I needed to see if my ebooks are available on Flipkart yet. Back in August Smashwords announced an agreement for them to distribute their authors’ ebooks on Flipkart, India’s largest online bookstore. Since Smashwords is my distributor my ebooks would be making their way to Flipkart as well.

As I write this Flipkart has Somewhere… and More and the old version of No Budget, No Pay but I’m not seeing He’s With the Band on their site. I do, however see all three ebooks on Amazon’s India store. I’ve updated the book pages for the two ebooks they have and I’ll update the page for He’s With the Band I’ll add that link as well. I’ll also post an update here when Flipkart gets He’s With the Band as well as the current version of No Budget, No Pay.


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