I have fixed links for Blio and I’m now available on ‘txtr!

A week ago I posted that my ebooks were available on Blio but I didn’t have direct links to my books there. Thanks to the help of Raylene at Smashwords I have direct links for you, plus you can now find my ebooks on yet another store: ‘txtr!

First thing first let me give you working links for Blio.

I’m sorry about not having these links sooner. Raylene responded to my message promptly and with the upcoming Kickstarter campaign I didn’t get a chance to get the links posted here. (One more reason the campaign has to succeed so I can replace the laptop that died last September.)

Last month Smashwords inked a distribution agreement with ‘txtr, an ebook store and platform from Berlin. They do have a US store and my ebooks are already there, waiting for you to give them a good home.

Keep watching this site because it will be the very first place you’ll find the deets on my Kickstarter project. It’s getting closer every day.


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