Get all my ebooks for FREE!

Two weeks ago I posted that my ebooks are half price My books are FREE in the 2014 Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale!for the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale. But I was thinking about it yesterday after I logged off for the night and decided to give my readers an even better deal than half off. How about free?

You read that right. Not only can you get He’s With the Band for free but until 31 July you can also get Somewhere… and More and No Budget, No Pay absolutely free! There’s a new coupon code for you to use though. If you use the old code you’ll get them for half price but if you use coupon code SW100 at checkout.

Help me create my next bookRemember, these discounts are available only at Smashwords so you won’t find them at any other ebook store. And don’t forget about my Kickstarter project to create my next book. Read my post about it or just head over to Kickstarter and see what you can get for helping me create my next book.


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