It’s time for another Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

Get my ebooks for half price!Last year Smashwords, my ebook distributor, had their annual July Summer/Winter Sale and I put my non-free books on sale at half off. It’s that time of year again, and once again my non-free ebooks are  half off.

He’s With the Band is still free so it’s price still won’t change, but again this year I’m making Somewhere… and More, the followup to He’s With the Band, and the republished No Budget, No Pay available this month for just $1.50 each! All you have to do to get the discount is to use the code SSW50 at checkout.

One of the things I love about Smashwords is that they distribute ebooks to just about all of your favorite ebook stores so it’s likely that the ebooks you find can be read on any device you own, including your Kindle, iOS device or whatever else you enjoy reading ebooks on. You can check Smashwords’ FAQ page to get information on reading them on your devices. Just remember, these discounts are available only at Smashwords and aren’t available at any ebook store that get ebooks from Smashwords.

Head on over to Smashwords now and check out some of the ebooks they have available. You never know when you’ll find an ebook that becomes your new favorite book. This month you may get it at an even better price than usual. If it’s on sale it will say so on the ebook’s information page.


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