The numbers are in…

As I’ve said in the past, I measure my body every week to be able to track the changes in my body from my hormone therapy, and I got some really nice new this week.

The meds work very slowly, and since I last noted some changes there hasn’t been much to write home about. My weight has bounced around a bit, and it’s been on the wrong side of 200 lately (yes, I’m vain, but I was slim until my metabolism changed when I hit 30), but otherwise the measurements haven’t changed that much. Until lately.

Two weeks ago I started seeing some changes in my body, and this week I confirmed it. My bustline isn’t changing too much (other than how my stomach is changing, dammit), and my waist is getting bigger (thanks to the weight I’m putting on rather than taking off), but my hips and bum are finally starting to fill out. I’m also seeing changes in my thigh as my muscles are getting feminized.

It’s not enough changes to affect my clothing size, but it’s a process that will take quite a bit of time to happen. That’s cool. I’ve waited this long to see my body start changing so I can wait another couple of years or so for my body to change as the hormones in my body do their work.



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