Finagle’s eyes! I can’t believe the downloads I’m getting on Amazon this week!

I wasn’t online much on Monday thanks to an afternoon doctor’s appointment but when I looked at my download numbers for He’s With the Band on Amazon I was floored. when I saw Monday’s final numbers I tanj near fell out of my chair. Continue reading


Sometimes numbers make you smile

From the “I Couldn’t Do that Again If I Tried Department”, I was checking my weekend download numbers and sales stats this morning when I checked the overall rank for Somewhere… and More on Amazon and had to stop and grin.

Author Central Bestseller Stats for Somewhere... and Moree

I’m not grinning because of where it falls on the chart, mainly because it’s been a lot higher, but because of the last two sets of numbers. In the fourteen months that I’ve been a published author I’ve never seen a number where the digits on one side of a comma match the number on the other side of the comma.

I just had to share this. I’m still working on the rewrite of He’s With the Band but since I only have access to a laptop when I’m at the library every day I end up with a lot more to do every day than I have time to do and I have a new scene for the story to type up and I’d swear I hear the notebook the new scene was written in yell at me every time I look at it. Hopefully Santa Claws will leave a laptop and some catnip under the tree if I still don’t have a laptop by Chrismukkuh.

What a diff’rence a day made…

"Somewhere... and More" cover… Twenty-four little hours

That song by Dinah Washington got cued up in my head as I was checking the stats on my books today. Not only have I seen He’s With the Band downloaded 80 times just this month, over the weekend someone bought Somewhere… and More over at Amazon. Of course that’s good news but I didn’t realize how much difference a single sale would make in my stats in the Kindle Store. How big a difference? Wow. Continue reading

Holy crap! Thank you Aussies!!! And a big question.

As I was doing my daily numbers check I saw I got a download of He’s With the Band in Amazon’s Aussie store and I realized I had never checked the Amazon worldwide stores to see what my rankings look like. It’s a good thing I wasn’t getting a drink of water when the page loaded. I might have owed the BPL a laptop. Continue reading

Thank you Amazon for charts!

HWTB downloads via Smashwords as of 15 April 2014One of the things I love about Smashwords distributing my ebooks is that they give me great statistics, and they even let me get daily download numbers for my ebooks on days when I’m not able to get online thanks to their graphs that show the stats for each day. But Smashwords isn’t my biggest online partner in terms of sales, that’s Amazon and their Kindle Direct Publishing Program (KDP). The only problem is that if I can’t get online on a particular day I have no way of seeing how many downloads I got from day to day on Amazon.

But as of yesterday evening that’s all changed. Continue reading

We have a new milestone!

I love looking at the stats for my ebooks every day. Even when there’s not much news I make a point to check the download numbers for He’s With the Band and the number of times the previews for Somewhere… and More and No Budget, No Pay got downloaded. It turns out that even eight months after I published WHTB I still see 200-250 downloads every month between Smashwords and their partner sites and Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. Continue reading