Courtesy the Franklin Park Coalition

Which parts of Franklin Park would you like me to post next?

Today I finally posted a collection of images from a scenic overlook in Franklin Park’s Wilderness (not the Overlook Ruins off the Playstead) and I was going to ask a question at the bottom of the post but I decided to split it off into its own post.

In addition to the pictures from the scenic overlook I’m hoping to get posted tomorrow, I also have a series of pictures of Scarboro Hill that my recent photo of the painted tree (posted on both Instagram (more detail) and on Twitter (more detail)), some pictures of Scarboro Pond (not nearly a complete set yet), and I want to take some pictures at Schoolmaster Hill and the Playstead, but where would you like me to get pictures of next? Continue reading

[Poll] Would you be willing to tip me?

Would you tip me?One of the things I heard several times when I was running my Kickstarter Campaign was that people would like a way to back me outside of the Kickstarter campaign. Today I was reminded of this when I saw an article from Make Use Of on making money from creative content. They mentioned two ways my readers could tip me so I wanted to ask which way you’d like me to go with. Continue reading