A funny thing happened while drinking my coffee…

I had a funny thought this morning as I was reading the ebook of Larry Niven’s Flatlander on my ‘Droid as I was finish my morning coffee:

Server years back I was talking to a barista friend of mine and mentioned that one of his coworkers punched in things on the cash register terminal with her middle finger, but when I was her age using the middle finger like that would be a (possibly) subtle insult. He had never noticed it but it made him chuckle when told him about it.

Lately I’ve noticed that when I type on my phone I use…

You’ve got it, my middle finger. It makes sense though because I have my phone on the table as I type this, my left hand angling the phone toward me slightly, and my middle finger extends out the farthest. If I try to use my index finger to type on my phone it feels odd. How things change over forty years.

/me lifts my cup of coffee in salute to my friends from the coffee joint


Creative people

What do creative people do when they can’t create?* 

We read a lot. We drink a lot of coffee (or tea). We smoke quite a bit (if you have that lovely personality trait (no monkey)). We surf the web a lot. We get together with friends. We listen to some great music. We check out what wonderfully creative things our friends are doing and support them. And we wish we could take some of the things that come into our head down to be creative with them.

What don’t creative people do when they can’t create? Continue reading